COS Belt-driven Live Roller with Air Accumulation

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COS AR combines the accuracy of air technology with the high capacity of belt drive to produce a durable and reliable accumulator capable of neatly handling a broad range of product from 1 pound to 100 pounds per foot.

A 4" wide V-belt is held in contact with the underside of the carrying rollers by a series of pressure wheel assemblies. When a sensor roller is depressed by stopped product, a pressurized air diaphragm is de-activated disengaging the drive belt from the carrier rollers.

COS AR accumulates product in 2'6" zone segments. The conveyor will accumulate product in "dense pack" form when reaching speeds of 90 fpm or greater. Zones in the 3" roller center beds consist of a 1" diameter sensor roller and (4) pressure assemblies. Pressure assemblies consist of a pair of 2" diameter, 100 lb. capacity wheels attached to a pivot bracket.

This former Unex U-67 product has been redesigned to better the overall conveyance of product. Improvements include a deeper frame and utilizing pop-out rollers. This eliminates the need for a shroud and sustains easier maintenance of the belt. COS AR replaced the 1.8" with the industry standard 1.9" diameter rollers and set pressure wheel assemblies on 6" centers creating better pressure uniformity and more positive drive. The sensor roller assembly is redesigned with counterweight action instead of springs for improved durability. The accumulation now uses air diaphragms for a more positive accumulation because air is used to drive instead of cancel and less parts are required to create the accumulation. The resulting operating pressure has been lowered to 15 psi from 50 psi.

Technical Specifications

Frame: 9" deep x 1-1/8" flange x 11 ga. Galvanized steel with structural steel cross members
Widths: 18", 24"

Rollers: 1.9" dia.-galvanized steel, 7/16" hex axle, 2" & 3" rollercenters
Drive: 1/2 - 2 HP

Weight Range: 1# - 100# per foot

Speed: 45 - 150 FPM

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