In Line Scales

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Unprecedented Accuracy and Reliability;
Easy Setup - Easy Maintenance

Conveyor Installations's in-motion weighing solutions from Mettler Toledo provide fast and accurate in line scales for a variety of package types and sizes in any number of diverse environments and applications.

The Model 9477 Scale Conveyor is solidly constructed and designed for easy setup and maintenance. These in line scales offer unprecedented accuracy and reliability from the four stainless steel load cells built right into the conveyor. Complete wash down and easy part replacement is facilitated by the conveyor assembly’s improved design. The conveyor bed design allows for speed-up of the belt changing process. This is one of the top in line scales on the market.

Model 9477
Model 9477 scale conveyor
Specifications for the 9477 and 9477 Mach II in line scales:

Standard Size • 24"W x 47”L x 32”H
Fixed Sizes:   Width
• 12” through 42”
• 24”, 36”, 44” through 84”
• 24” through 56” (±2” adjustable)
Fixed Speed • 30 through 240 feet per minute
Variable Speed • 30 to 100, 80 to 160, 120 to 200, 150
   to 240 feet per minute
Capability • 15 to 100 cartons per minute
Power • 220v, 440v, 575v; 3 phase; 50/60 Hz
Motor • 1/4, 1/2 Horse power, 56C-face, TENV
Finish • Mild steel (standard)
• Stainless steel (optional)
Belts • Seamless Habiset black
• USDA approved seamless white
Load Cells • Four (4) 5,000 division, 250 lb analog
   load cells
Hazardous Available • Class l or ll, Division l or ll, groups C,
   D, E, F and G
Photoeyes • Two (2) UL & CSA approved
Operating Temperature • 14F to 104F (-10C to 40C)
• 10 to 95% humidity, non-condensing

9477 Mach ll
Minimum Size • 24”W x 47”L x 24H”
Fixed Sizes:   Width
• 24” through 42”
• 47” through 84”
• 24” through 56”
Capability • 85 to 160 cartons per minute
Speed • 250 through 600 feet per minute
Load Cells • Four (4) 5,000 division,250 lb analog
   load cells
Photoeyes • Send and recieve photoeyes for all
Motor • 1 Horse power
Special Features • Anodized aluminum deck
• Highly balanced aluminum rollers
• Woven belt (no seam)
  Special bearing design
     Bearing design makes belt
   adjustments simple & fast
  esay to replace parts
     Load cell replacement is as
   easy as replacing a bolt
  conveyor belts are easy to replace with our design
     Modular design makes
   conveyor belt changes a
  easy to clean-up conveyor base
     Large, open base makes
   for easy clean-up

Controllers for In Line Scales

Weigh Random Packages In-Motion with Optimal Accuracy
Conveyor Installations offers two Mettler Toledo in line in-motion weighing controllers: the 9482 EXPRESSWEIGH controller and the JAGXTREME controller. Both offer the flexibility to be used with a variety of Mettler Toledo conveyor systems – or with just about any other conveyor system, allowing you to create a custom solution for your in line application.

The EXPRESSWEIGH controller offers connections for photoeyes and other I/O to create a stand-alone solution that delivers accurate weights to a printer or other peripheral. When connected to a Mettler Toledo Model 9476/77 or Mach II analog load cell conveyor system, it automatically detects packages, weighs them, then prints or transmits the result when the product exits the scale.

It also provides ID capability, weight totalization, consecutive numbering, the ability to enter tare values, and alarm outputs. Because the EXPRESSWEIGH controller is based on METTLER TOLEDO's most powerful, advanced terminal for in line scales – the JAGXTREME, you also get the speed, power, open connectivity, and all the other benefits offered by this top-selling terminal.
  EXPRESSWEIGH controller for your conveyor system

JAGXTREME In-Motion Controller

For applications where package sensing and sequencing is provided by another device in the system, Mettler Toledo offers a JAGXTREME in-motion controller with custom weighing functionality for in line scales. The other “Master” device interfaces to the JAGXTREME controller serially to send simple commands to tell the controller when to begin and end the weighing cycle.

After the weighing cycle is completed, the resulting weight is quickly returned to the other device. As a result, you can easily create a customized solution that works with production, filling, packaging or shipping lines of any age, location, or configuration of in line scales.
  JAGXTREME In-Motion Controlloer for your conveyor system
Flexible Solutions for Accurate In-Motion Weighing on In Line Scales
Model Specifications JAGXTREME Controller 9482 EXPRESSWEIGH Controller
Enclosure Cast aluminum alloy designed for desktop or column mounting Stainless steel designed to be wall or stand mounted
Environmental Rating Certified TYPE 4 Certified TYPE 4
Product Dimensions W x H x D 10.1 x 7.9 x 10.6 in.
(25.7 x 20.1 x 27 cm)
16 x 12 x 14 in.
(40.6 x 30.5 x 35.5 cm)
Product Weight 11.4 lb (5.2 kg) 36.9 lb (16.7 kg)
Operating Temperature +14° to +104° F (-10° to +40° C); 10 to 95% relative humidity
Shipping Dimensions 12.3 x 11.8 x 10.7 in.
(31.2 x 30 x 27.2 cm)
18.5 x 22.5 x 17.5 in.
(47 x 57.2 x 44.5 cm)
Shipping Weight 14.7 lb (6.7 kg) 42.7 lb (19.4 kg)
Storage Temperature -40° to +140° F (-40° to +60° C); 5 to 95% relative humidity
A/D Rate 305 cycles per second
AC Power Universal power supply 100 - 240 VAC
Serial Ports Com1: RS-232, 20mA; Com2: RS-232, RS-422/485
Data Output Programmable templates for custom output strings
Display 16 Character alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent
Weight Filtering Two TraxDSP filters - one for display, one for weight Autotune feature automatically sets parameters
Connections Terminal strip connectors - some removable
Password Protection One supervisory password Two passwords: one for operator, one for supervisor
Keyboard Alphanumeric standard with optional QWERTY
Control Inputs and Outputs None provided 24 Volt DC power supply and DC optical isolation blocks for all I/O
Weigh Time Minimum of 300 milliseconds per package
Connectivity Ethernet and two serial ports
Options Two additional serial ports, Allen-Bradley RIO, Modbus Plus, Profibus
Resolution 5000d from conveyor rated capacity as standard
Transaction ID No Up to 40 A/N characters
Consecutive Number No 4-digit number to track transactions
Dynamic Weight Adjustment Compensates for lower weight readings on short weigh times

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