Parcel Shipping Systems

      As product travels across our inline scale, your new system will read the barcode and weigh your product. Barcode and weight data are married and sent to your 'host' system to be verified. Your new system can match weights for an added QC checking process, diverting packages for 'no reads' or 'over/under weights'. The software that comes standard in this system can communicate with your existing shipping software - UPS, FedEx, etc.

      These systems come completely ready to install! All testing and approvals are done at our facility prior to shipping you the unit. Tests and videos are sent showing your product being scanned and weighed. Data from that test is sent to you for your approval.

      Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

complete parcel shipping system Complete Parcel Shipping System
As the manufactures of the ScanScale 7000, we will bring efficiency, value and reliability to any fulfillment, warehouse or distribution center. This all in one shipping system will automate your operations whether your application requires check weighing, cubing, scanning, print & applying, and sorting alone or consolidated as a single process.
manifesting workstations

Manifesting Workstations
The efficiency you can realize by using the right manifest bench easily justifies the cost. Manifest Stations organize product flow, maximize floor space, stimulate organization, boost productivity, raise worker morale, and improve the aesthetics of your facility.


We provide and integrate scanning equipment including hand held, overhead scanners, and scanner tunnels capable of scanning up to 2,000 per second.


We can provide you with scales ranging from non-power ball transfer style, a powered belt scale, or even variations of roller conveyor type scales

narrow fit & close range scanning

Narrow Fit & Close Range Scanning
We can provide rugged, close range scanners excellent for work-in-process and order fulfillment environments.

speed and accuracy with our scanners

Speed and Accuracy
With scanners capable of over 2000+ scans per second, we hope to provide you with the best on the market!

scan tunnels

Scan Tunnels
Be able to scan all surfaces of a carton and transmit any necessary information back to your Warehouse Management System!

print & apply applicators

Print & Apply Applicators
Eliminate the expense and inconvenience of preprinted labels, reduce labor costs considerably, and provide faster, more precise labeling with the capability to print, encode and apply RFID smart labels. Beyond the equipment, we provide the labels, paper, and toners.

sortation Sortation
Once your package is ready to go, we can provide numerous types of sortation equipment.

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