Pallet Handling

Pallet handling forms a vital part of production and distribution processes. It extends right through the business process, from the receiving of goods and materials, up to shipping of finished products or sorted deliveries. That means fast, smooth and efficient pallet handling is essential for the performance and reliability of those processes.

pallet rack

Pallet Rack
The Pallet rack is the backbone of many warehouses. Your rack can be the workhorse of your storage system, efficiently storing thousands of pallets of varied load characteristics.

inline pallet scales

Inline Pallet Scales
Gain scale functionality from the same physical conveyor footprint! Increase productivity by saving steps with inline weight measurement and check weighing.

pallet conveyor

Pallet Conveyor
Rollers up to 7.5" in diameter and load weights up to 40,000 lbs. do an excellent job of pallet handling.


Capable of stretching film up to 300% at rates of 60-70 pallet loads per hour with an 8-wrap pattern, this wrapping performer is designed to accommodate 60" high, 48" x 48" pallet loads. Another important part of pallet handling.


Units that will rotate 360º and return to home position by a heavy duty air cylinder with cushions at both ends. Included is a 4 way, 3 position, closed center solenoid valve and position sensing proximity switches. Pallet handling for heavier pallets.

drag chain conveyor

Drag Chain Conveyor
Pallet handling the hard way! Quiet operation, low profile and available with zero pressure accumulation.

hand and fork trucks

Hand and Fork Trucks
We supply equipment from notable manufacturers such as Crown, Raymond, Toyota, and Caterpillar. We are experts at all forms of pallet handling.

wire decking

Wire Decking
Wire decking increases worker safety, productivity and reduces pallet damage during handling. There are several types of decking available including solid decking.


The ZC-1500
Utilizes a second powered roller to achieve higher stretch forces. In addition, the film tension to the load can be reduced to a minimum, making even unstable and low weight packages easy to stretch.


The BC-1500
This unit ropes and ties using wire along the trailing edge of the film in order to secure it to the pallet. Upon completion of the cycle, the load can be removed from the platform. A new load is then indexed by activating the infeed conveyor via the remote cord. These stretch wrappers offer PLC controls, self diagnostics, photo-electric height sensing, and more. The ultimate in pallet handling.

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